Tots els que formem part de l'equip d'EFI només ens centrem incansablement en una cosa: El creixement i l'èxit del seu centre d'impressió. Per aquest motiu milions de professionals de la impressió al voltant del món venen a EFI per a alimentar el seu èxit.

Els més de 3000 membres del nostre equip validen el nostre compromís cada dia desenvolupant revolucionàries tecnologies en l'autoedició, les solucions en el núvol, les eines de flux de treball i la impressió digital que poden transformar el seu negoci i accelerar els beneficis ara i en el futur.

Ofertes de treball

An EFI, the controls engineer architects and designs motion and controls systems for large-format digital inkjet printers by applying experience with and knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering principles. He or she is responsible for ensuring that designs are complete, satisfy requirements, and are production ready. This role is a good fit for an experienced controls engineer looking to move forward in his or her career.

Program PLC and motion controllers with a focus on IEC 61131-3 control languages
Motion system specification; including motor/drive selection and integration
Define and select system components
Write or develop engineering reports, white papers, and design proposals
Support existing and legacy products
Design to meet specified safety standards
Architect systems level solutions for ease of design and production
Establish and communicate realistic design schedules
Leverage interdisciplinary engineering resources to accomplish tasks
Support lead engineers as necessary

Job Requirements:
The ideal candidate must have experience in a motion or controls engineering position.
BS in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or related engineering field (MS preferred)
Programming experience with an object oriented language
IEC 61131-3 programming experience with a major brand of PLCs or motion controllers
Proven experience with electro-mechanical, mechatronic, or robotic systems
Strong mathematical skills including calculus and partial differential equations
Fieldbus communication, architecture, configuration and commissioning experience (CanOpen, DeviceNet, Profibus, AS-i).
High-level protocols over Ethernet (ModbusTCP, etc.)
Firm grasp of: mechanical statics and kinematics,
electrical systems and principles, and controls theory
2+ years experience in a similar position


EFI is looking for a Software engineer for joining our Spanish team in Castellon.

Everything involved in applying a ML model to a production use case, including, designing and coding up the neural network, gathering and refining data, training and tuning the model, deploying it at scale with high throughput and uptime, and analyzing the results in the wild in order to continuously update and improve accuracy and speed
Interface closely with the Backend and DevOps teams as well as with our internal data labeling services

Undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or similar technical field, with significant coursework in mathematics or statistics
1-2 years industry machine learning experience
You have successfully trained and deployed a deep learning machine model (image, NLP, video, or audio) into production, with measurably improved performance over baseline, either in industry or as a personal project
Strong experience with a high-level machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Caffe, or Torch, and familiarity with the others
Experience in Python, especially as it applies to the above ML frameworks
You have a working knowledge of the following technologies, or are not afraid of picking it up on the fly: C++, Scala/Spark, SQL, Cassandra, Docker
You are up-to-date on the latest deep neural net research and architectures, both in understanding the theory and motivations behind the techniques, as well as how to implement them in the ML framework of your choice
Experience in C# and .Net would be a wish.
You have great communication skills and ability to work with others
You are a strong team player, with a do-whatever-it-takes attitude


Job Description:

Design 3D mechanical new products or design improvements on portfolio;
Collaborate in an Engineering team;
Manage mechanical tasks in different projects: studying costs, listing specifications, risks, tests required;
Collaboration with supply chain department in order to cost reductions: looking for new materials, new providers and new workflows;
Collaboration with manufacturing and quality to design Poka-Yokes and testers for mechanical components found in the products.

Bachelor or Master level educational and/or work background in mechanical Engineering;
Preferable 2-5 years of relevant experience within the mechanical R&D environment (or related);
You are knowledgeable with design, construction and calculations related to complex, composed products;
You are experienced in realization of and guidance towards creation and test of prototypes and parts;
Development and creation of design sketches ready to be modeled within a CAD system, i.e. NX Unigraphics, Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks, CATIA;
You have an entrepreneurial, outgoing spirit, broad area of interests and excellent communication skills;
You have the ability to liaise with clients, suppliers and colleagues on various levels;
Multidisciplinary technical knowledge is considered advantageous;
You have excellent English language skills.