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The UBE Group started its operations in Europe nearly 50 years ago. Its annual turnover currently totals €265 million (2009), and its estimate in 2010 is €350 million, which is almost three times the figure obtained a decade ago. In 2009 the company has an accumulated investment for the period between 1994 and 2009 of €180 million, which makes it one of the leading industrial groups in the chemical sector in the European Union.

UBE Corporation Europe, S.A. strongly manages and coordinates all the company’s business activities; at the same time its emphasis lies on the homogenization and efficient administration of the whole group.

UBE Chemical Europe, S.A. delivers various product lines like Caprolactam (the raw material for nylon or Polyamide 6), Ammonium sulfate and UBESOL 45, a widely used granular fertilizer. The company also produces 1,6-Hexanediol, 1,5-Pentanediol, Policarbonatediols and markets other fine chemicals.

UBE Engineering Plastics, S.A. has specialized to become a producer of Polyamide 6, 12 and Copolyamides, which are used in the manufacture of film for food packaging, monofilaments, automotive components and engineering consumer products. The company offers a range of viscosities to match customers’ needs and thanks to the continuous polymerization process employed, an outstanding stability of viscosity is obtained, ensuring a constant quality of the polymers. UBE products also provide the highest mechanical and chemical performance.

UBE Europe GmbH markets more than 200 high technology products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. These include for example machinery, photocatalytic modules, electronic ceramic components and polyimides.

UBE Latin América Serviços Ltda. in Brazil is aimed at introducing a wide range of products of UBE in the Latin-American area in order to satisfy the growing needs of this expanding market. These include polyamides and its precursors, fine chemicals, industrial machinery, etc.

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